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Escapa! How long can YOU go ?!?!?

The current 6th grade class records are:
Sadly, I had students CHEAT on this in the past. If that is the case this year, you will lose the privilege of playing, just as past classes have done. Please be honest and try your best. :) Thanks!
1st) Tyrell S. :29.031 (2009-2010)
2nd) Ian H.: 21.438 (2011-2012)3rd) Alfredo E.: 21.109 (2011-2012)4th) Alfredo E.: 21.047 (2011-2012)

Will your name be here next?
If you beat the score TELL Mr. Hughes and show him BEFORE your start a new game.

PopTropica- Enjoy! Just remember to keep track of your log-in information!