NEW this year, a citizen of our community wanted to establish a program for 6th grade students to encourage personal growth. Now, if you are like me, you are sitting there wondering what needs to be done to get these "awards". You might be thinking that it will be "too hard", or "take work". Well, it will be doable, and anything worth having takes work.
Below are the requirements designed by the wonderful person who established this program. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask me (Mr. Hughes).

"Academic All-Star" Awardsaward.jpg
Perfect Attendance
(NO Unexcused Absences)
1 Book
(from provided selection)
Most Improved
(Reading, Writing, Math)
1 Book & 1 Movie
(from provided selection)

award.jpg"Got It Goin' On" Awards
Easy to Get Along With
(Best to be around, voted by class)
1 Movie
(from provided selection)
Best Shape Ever
(Physical Fitness: Improve and maintain)
Prize will be determined after winner is selected.
The sponsor of this program suggested a fishing pole or manicure kit as examples of possible prizes.

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