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^-Book Reports-^
Book reports are due every MONTH. You are expected to finish a book on your level every 2-3 weeks (yes, even if it is "big" or has "lot's of pages"). Below is the Book Report Menu that you were given at the beginning of the school year.

Grading Rubric for your book report. There is a total of 50 points. 25 for the presentation, 25 for the project.

Way to Go

Good Try
(15 pts)

More Effort Please
(5 pts)

Meets quality standards (best work), full effort
Some meets quality standards, Partial effort
Little, if any, meets quality standards, little or on effort/ No Project submitted
Prepared, good volume, confidence, stays focused on topic, memorized
Mostly prepared, mostly on topic, reading presentation
Not Prepared, Does not related to topic/book, no presentation